An arty blog: thinking about digital portraits

FullSizeRender 2Yesterday I had a day off from the prison, a time to see some sites and do some processing and editing work. Being my day off the heavens duly opened and I spent the day sheltering from thunderstorms in various galleries and hotels. The National Gallery is enormous and the collection of indigenous art works was truly stunning. I am really learning to love the imagery and story telling behind the work. They often have  amazing earthy titles like ‘Moon Dreaming’ or ‘Hunters with river’ – all elemental, all in IMG_3390browns and ochres and colours of the earth and land. Its a fascinating culture and story, it really is – of course the indigenous artists are now making striking contemporary work that addresses their history and treatment at the hands of the settlers. In an earlier blog I was looking for this discussion, I wanted this to be addressed, to unnerve me and educate me – of course the discussion is in the art gallery! I should have known. Art is a place where these things can be explored safely.


Half the gallery was closed due to major renovations unfortunately – this is another thing that seems to follow me around major visitor attractions as well as the thunder storms – but across the way was the marvellous National Portrait Gallery. I love the NPG in London and this one did not disappoint. Most interesting was a whole exhibition of ‘Digital Portraits’ – there had been a national competition   IMG_3399     to ‘support the growth of the moving image portraiture’ – it stated ” Digital portraiture is an evolving artistic category. It is distinct from documentary film and performance captured on camera. Each artwork conveys a compelling sense of identity. Here are expressions of inner life that evoke strong feeling – often echoed by a landscape or situation that mirrors the individuals state of mind.”


The works were all short films of 2 – 5 minutes, some with sound or music, bits of animation, some just slightly moving, really interesting and got me thinking about the connection with my digital stories. In the permanent collection of the Australian NPG is a digital film portrait of Cate Blanchett, 9 minutes long, her speaking, dancing, close ups of her hands and her moving around the space. Very beguiling. I am thinking this is what I want to do, digital portraiture as art work – is this a thing? if it IS a thing it may just be MY thing? I am very excited and inspired.



2 thoughts on “An arty blog: thinking about digital portraits

  1. It is definatly a thing …. Look at delaines work and also at my video piece of my hands unraveling the fishing net merged with the places if been to look for things …….. It’s a thing and on the ruse due to our access to digital soft ware … Just another form of expression !


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